GIVESTL DAY – A National Day of Giving

¬†GiveSTL Day is May 6, 2021! It’s a day set aside for non-profit organizations to appeal for donations. As with all non-profits at the moment, donations are down, investments are down and that reflects in the services non-profits can provide to clients.

The Service Club for the Blind is no different and the stock market crash and reduction in donations has affected us too resulting in a freeze on adding new members and clients, a temporary freeze on all our programs and furloughing staff due to to the Coronavirus COVID-19.

In this regard, we appeal to you to help us get back on track and be able to open up our programs for the benefit of our clients. Please consider donating today via the link below and contributing to a successful GiveSTL Day. We thank you for your involvement. Please stay safe and healthy! #WashYourHands