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What does the Service Club for the Blind do

(Photo of the front of the building of the Service Club)

The Service Club for the Blind is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 Private Foundation.  It was founded on March 28th 1934 by Adeline Ann Ruenzi (see our history here)   We offer social activities and services to people who are legally blind in the St. Louis area. Our focus is divided between “members” and “clients”.

For our members, we offer the opportunity to get together with other members who are legally blind and we provide social events such as luncheons, game events (bingo, trivia, etc.), entertainment, educational functions, etc.  It is a way for our members to get together and share experiences, offer tips and advice, make friends and have fun while doing it.

(Some of our membership at the Annual General Membership meeting, 2015)

For our clients, we assist them with a monthly grocery card, an annual gift card for shoes and clothing. We could also assist with payment towards a re-connection fee for utility bills. In an emergency situation we also could assist them, depending on the severity and financial situation.

(2 of our clients: Ms. Donna Neal, Mr. William Young and his daughter, Rose)

As with any company, there are rules, limits and a few hoops to jump through, but we endeavor to help as much as we can.  We also have a health benefits program for our members to assist them with payments of glasses, hearing aids and dental costs.

Book  Club
We hold a monthly book club meeting. Instead of choosing a specific book, we choose an author and all book club members can read any book by that author in any preferred format (Braille, audio, large print etc.) and we will discuss the author at our next meeting.  Our book club celebrated its 9th birthday in September 2018!

Our fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th.  The Service Club is not associated or partnered with any other service or blind-related agency and we do not receive any federal, state or city assistance or funding and we are a totally independent entity, and reliant on donations and/or bequests.  If you’d like to support the Service Club for the Blind and help us to continue providing assistance to people who are legally blind in the St. Louis area, please send your contributions to:

Service Club for the Blind, Inc
3719 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63109

Your donations are tax deductible.  As always, we are grateful for all donations.